Business Owners

We understand the challenges that business owners face in starting and growing a company. We provide a suite of services designed to meet your specific needs, along with guidance and information that will help you choose the right applications for you. From employee group benefits and pension plans to corporate estate planning, we can help you to develop solutions that create opportunities for yourself and the business.

Our services for buisness include:

  • Group Medical & Dental Plans
  • Income Replacement Programs (Long Term Disability Benefits)
  • Investment Planning (Pension Plans & Group RRSP’s)*
  • Critical Illness, Creditor & Key Person Life Insurance
  • Shareholder Agreement Strategies (Buy-Sell Agreements)
  • Corporate Tax Planning, Corporate Estate Planning & Generational Asset Transfer

The materials listed below may be helpful in understanding key concepts related to the products and services we provide. Please note that these documents are provided courtesy of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, and do not represent the views of, or apply to, the other companies whose products we offer.


Group Medical & Dental Plans

Well designed and cost effective group benefit plans are an asset to any business.  We will tailor a plan that attracts, rewards, and retains quality employees. Whatever the size of your company, you can provide for them with benefits that meet their needs – and yours.  Through cost containment and worksite seminars that educate employees on how to effectively utilize their program, we help to create long term stability for all stakeholders.

Income Replacement Programs

(Long Term Disability Benefits)

You can’t predict the future. You can, however, be prepared for whatever the future brings. The right insurance products – such as life, disability, long-term care and critical illness insurance – can ensure that your operations, your employees, and your family is protected with income replacement in the event of illness, or disability. 

Investment Planning

(Pension Plans & Group RRSP’s)

Remember what they say about the best-laid plans? Life can take unexpected turns, and an adaptable financial plan means you are able to go with the flow. Employers today want to make sure that the employee and employer contributions invested in their group RRSP or defined contribution pension plan are being invested in a manner that meets with the employees’ objective. Our on site, one-on-one consultation with employees addresses their individual retirement targets and ensures that their financial strategy is in line with their risk tolerance. We will help to create a strong financial plan for your employees that can be modified according to their current and future position.

Shared Ownership – Life Insurance (644 KB pdf)
Sharing ownership of exempt life insurance can aid in succession planning, supplement retirement savings, and insure against premature death.

Business Continuation Planning (907 KB pdf)
Business continuation planning protects against the risk of death, disability or critical illness of a key employee or shareholder.

Shared Ownership – Critical Illness Insurance (561 KB pdf)
Cover the risk of losing key employees or fund a buyout under a buy-sell agreement.

Shareholder Agreement Strategies

(Key Person & Buy-Sell)

Every business has people that are integral in keeping things running smoothly.  Proper coverage helps cover income loss or replacement costs in the event that a key person suffers a critical illness. Owners need to protect themselves as well. A Buy-Sell Agreement can provide for suitable transfer of ownership to chosen successors in the case of death, career-ending illness or retirement.  By creating a complete business continuation plan, you ensure the continuation of your business, and ensure that your family receives full value for it.

Key Person Protection (182KB pdf)
The Key Person Protection strategy can help protect the value of their business against the financial impact of losing a key employee.

Corporate Tax, Estate Planning & Generational Asset Transfer

Effective estate planning can help to reduce or eliminate estate taxes when assets transfer from one generation to the next.  You’ve worked hard for what you built, not only for your own benefit but for others as well.  Unfortunately, inadequate estate planning often results in a great deal of tax payable to the federal government.We can help to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth, with minimum taxes and delays, to maximize the benefit you leave to your loved ones or charities of your choice.

Estate Planning Guide (1 MB pdf)
A comprehensive guide to planning an organized, tax efficient transfer of business and personal assets.


*If there is a product or service you require that isn’t listed here, please let us know.  In the event that we can’t assist you directly, we will refer you to a qualified professional that can.